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How To Best Enjoy ADMT Permanent Exhibition:
ADMT is a showcase of many attractions. Here, we introduce the key points of how to appreciate ADMT’S Permanent Exhibitions.
Edo Period: Treasure House of Advertisements:
This permanent exhibition is an easy-to-understand introduction that explains the relationship between a particular period and advertisements, under the title of “Advertising – Mirror of Society”.

Special attention is paid to the Edo period that developed a rather sophisticated and refined culture despite the closed and feudalistic system. In the mid-to-late Edo period especially, popular culture was closely connected to robust commercial activities. Lively advertising activities, similar to present-day, were taking place in large cities and enriched people’s daily lives. This exhibition contains the advertising and promotional activities from the Edo period that can be termed as an era of "prehistory" in Japanese advertising.
The People who made Epochs in the Japanese Advertising Industry:
This permanent exhibition also features five people who made significant contributions to the history of advertising in Japan. Visitors to the library will experience the dreams, passions and outstanding talents of those pioneers that foresaw the future of advertising, overcame the boundaries of expression, and paved the way for the state of advertising today.
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