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Yoshida Hideo, the fourth president of Dentsu Inc., played a pivotal role in the advancement of Japan’s advertising industry through the introduction and practice of advertising and marketing theories and methodologies.

During WWII, he successfully consolidated advertising organizations and standardized agencies’ commissions system. When the war was over, he wholeheartedly promoted the establishment of radio broadcasting system in Japan, and, at the same time, he brought a regressive rate system into Japan’s advertising industry. He also helped launch many advertising related organizations in order to unite the industry.

Believing that “advertising is the integration of science and arts," Yoshida, while continuously introducing the latest marketing and advertising theories, raised the quality of creative work in advertising. As one of his efforts in this area, he founded the annual Dentsu Advertising Awards in 1948 to honor outstanding creative works in advertising.

During the postwar recovery period of Japan’s economy that started in the mid-1950s, Yoshida transformed Dentsu into a modern advertising company, adopting business models from its Western counterparts. This sent a strong message to Japan's advertising industry and underscored the potential of its new business model.

In 1961, Yoshida Hideo was awarded ‘Man of the Year’ by the International Advertising Association (IAA) for his outstanding contribution to the world of advertising. His stringent business ethics called “Oni Jissoku” - "Dentsu's Ten Working Guidelines” – made him famous and he became an icon of Japan’s advertising industry.

In January 1963, while he was still working as the president of Dentsu, Yoshida Hideo was taken ill and died at the age of 59. Posthumously, he was honored with the Order of the Sacred Treasure by the Japanese government.

Personal history of Yoshida Hideo
1903 Born in Kokura City, Fukuoka Prefecture.
1928 Graduated from the Imperial University of Tokyo and employed by Dentsu.
1942 Promoted to Board member (June) and Managing Director (December).
1947 Appointed as the fourth president of Dentsu; helped establish the Tokyo Advertising Association.
1948 Launched the Dentsu Advertising Awards.
1950 Helped create today's Japan Advertising Agencies Association.
1952 Proposed "regressive rate systems" of advertising; helped form today's Japan Audit Bureau of Circulation.
1956 Appointed as Vice-chairman for Far East and Australia Region, IAA.
1958 Hosted AdASIA in Tokyo.
1961 Awarded ‘Man of the Year’ by the IAA, the first Asian recipient of the award
1963 Died at the age of 59.

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