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About AD Library

ADMT has approximately 12,100 Japanese and 2,900 foreign books, and 170 different magazine titles, all of them focusing on the subjects of advertising and marketing (as of 2008).

The library is open to the public, providing research and reference services to anyone interested in learning or studying advertising and marketing.

Since its founding in 1966, the ADMT Library, formally known as Advertising Library of Yoshida Hideo Memorial Hall, has since collected a significant number of printed materials related to advertising and marketing. In addition to its extensive collection, the library offers a wide range of reference materials categorized by year, content and topic.

The library is also an aggressive collector of award-winning advertising works from around the world as well as other advertising related materials from Asian countries. Through the generous sponsorship of the Yoshida Foundation, the library stocks nearly 800 research findings. In addition to which, the library provides terminals where its archival collection of award winning advertisements can be seen digitally. 
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