Permanent Exhibition

Permanent Exhibition

  • 1.Japanese advertising history
  • 2.Audio Visual Booth "Four Feelings"
  • 3.Collection Table

Japanese advertising history - A window into society and people -

Advertising amasses a wealth of ideas and challenges that reflect social and economic change, technological progress, and human endeavor through the ages.
Take a look at this history of how advertising responds to the times and relates to people.

  • Advertising in the Edo period

  • Advertising in the Meiji,Taisho and early Showa period

  • Advertising during postwar reconstruction through Heisei period

Collection Table

  • Digital Table

    Introduction to TV commercials, posters and other advertisements from the 1950s to the present using touchscreen monitors. Visitors can freely select thumbnails of their interest from the contents displayed on the monitor and watch them.

  • Analog Table

    Introduction to hikifuda (flyers), nishiki-e (colored woodblock prints), ebira (posters), story boards of famous advertisements and other materials. Take a break with analog materials when you get tired of the digital ones.

Audio Visual Booth "Four Feelings"

  • In every era, advertisements that make a lasting impression are those that touch the heart. Enter the world of entertaining, surprising, moving, thought provoking and other advertisements that stir-up emotions.