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History of Advertising in Japan -From the Edo period to the present-

This permanent exhibition gives visitors a panoramic view of the history of advertising in Japan. The exhibit is divided into seven sections covering the late Edo period to the present, under the theme of “Society and Advertising”, showcasing the ADMT’s collections related to each section. On the wall opposite this exhibition, there is a collage of popular products, newspapers and magazines, titled “Society, Life and Culture of the 20th Century”. By comparing the permanent collection with this modern advertising collage, visitors can better gain understanding of the relationship between society and advertising.

1.Decorative advertisement of the Edo period
2.Cultural enlightenment period and the modernization of advertising
3.Advancement of consumer society and modernism in advertising
4.Rapid Progress and regression in advertising industry
5.Post-war resurgence and the introduction of broadcast advertising
6. Economic growths and the technical advancement in advertising
7. New developments in advertising
Japan's public service advertising   Society, Life and Culture of the 20th Century

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