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One Show 2014 Exhibition
-- Works with Great Catchy Approaches

From March 31 (Tuesday) to May 10 (Sunday) 2015
Organized by Yoshida Hideo Memorial Foundation
and the One Club for Art & Copy
Cooperation by Dentsu

Ad Museum Tokyo has been introducing great advertising works of the world over many years. This spring, with pleasure, we are introducing the winning works of One Show which is one of the most coveted international awards, organized by the One Club for Art & Copy, a non-profit organization based in New York. People say that you can learn creative trends from the winning works of One Show. With the progress of technology, the media environment has been dramatically changing which leads advertising to a new stage. Numerous advertising works are created with interactive communications such as SNS and blogs in mind. These winning works present how creative people in the industry are trying to solve various global issues with creative power. The ideas used in the most outstanding works are accepted and appreciated beyond media boundaries. At this exhibition you will certainly encounter great engaging approaches of interaction between ideas and technology. We hope that this exhibition gives you opportunities to stop and think where communications will move to. Will advertising communications make people’s lives a little happier?

Toyoko Mori
President Advertising Museum Tokyo



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