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The 67th Dentsu Advertising Awards Exhibition
From July 18 (Friday) to August 24 (Sunday), 2014
At Advertising Museum Tokyo
Organized by the Yoshida Hideo Memorial Foundation and
Dentsu Advertising Awards Screening Committee
Supported by Dentsu

The Dentsu Advertising Awards were launched in 1947 by Hideo Yoshida, the fourth president of Dentsu, with the objective of raising the status of advertising socially and culturally, together with advertisers and media circles, by improving advertising theory and executional skills, and by introducing outstanding works. 67 years have passed since then and we have experienced a tremendous number of changes in the world we live in. Economic and social globalization and digitalization in communication means are probably the most outstanding changes. In the midst of these changes, advertising is at a turning point. Nevertheless, Hideo Yoshida’s belief that “advertising is a vital means to unite business and people” remains sound and advertising keeps being an important pillar of business strategy through corporate communication activities. It is a great pleasure to introduce winning works of the Dentsu Awards and it is our wish that you will feel the pulse of the dynamic changes in society though these works.

Toyoko Mori
Ad Museum Tokyo

The Dentsu Advertising Awards celebrate their 67th anniversary this year. They were established in l947 with the objective of improving advertising activities in Japan. As the only general Advertising Awards covering all existing media, the Dentsu Advertising Awards are highly regarded and evaluated. Advertising is a culture intimately related to our daily lives and it influences our activities. At the same time, I believe that it is a mirror reflecting movements of society and the time. Introducing the winning works of the Awards at Ad Museum Tokyo I believe will lead to increased vitalization of the Dentsu Advertising Awards and to further development of the advertising industry. Please enjoy these works representing a diversified range of media.

Takashi Imai Chairman,
Dentsu Advertising Awards Screening Committee

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