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The 57th Japan Magazine Advertising Awards Exhibition
From January 9th (Friday) to March 1st (Sunday), 2015
Organized by the Yoshida Hideo Memorial Foundation and the Japan Magazine Advertising Association

It is a great pleasure for Ad Museum Tokyo to start the New Year with the “Japan Magazine Advertising Awards” exhibition which introduces the Awards’ most up-to-date winning works. The Japan Magazine Advertising Awards have more than half a century of history and have been making contributions for the development and improvement of advertising activities. Catching the constantly changing communication and marketing environment, they have been evaluating and awarding works which demonstrate new ideas with fresh perspectives. In addition to these awarded works, this exhibition introduces the most recent examples of activities which make the most of the experiences and techniques that magazine and magazine advertising have been accumulating. Please come and enjoy the “Japan Magazine Advertising Awards” exhibition. You will be fascinated with the magazines and the magazine advertising which is deeply connected with consumers and readers.

Toyoko Mori
Ad Museum Tokyo

D&AD 2014 Exhibition
From November 8, 2014 (Saturday) to December 27, 2014 (Saturday)
Black Pencil winning works will be exhibited until March 1, 2015 (Sunday)
Organized by Yoshida Hideo Memorial Foundation and D&AD
At Ad Museum Tokyo

The D&AD Awards were launched in 1963 by D&AD, a not-for-profit organization, in London. The Awards are considered to be the most coveted, toughest and most aspired to by creatives around the world. The Black Pencil, the grand prix, is awarded to work which is truly ground breaking, leading to the next stage of creativity. 2014 was a landmark year for the D&AD Awards because seven Black Pencils were awarded, the most ever in the history of D&AD. It was also a great year for Japan because “Sound of Honda—Ayrton Senna 1984” was awarded a Black Pencil, the second Black Pencil awarded to a Japanese work, after an interval of six years. It is a great pleasure for us to introduce the seven Black Pencil winning works and other great works from around the world. Among the works exhibited here you will find creative power solving various problems that our world is facing.

Toyoko Mori
Ad Museum Tokyo

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