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AD Library. Library Guide
Library Hours
Tuesday - Friday
11:00 to 18:00 (admission closed at 17:30)
11:00 to 16:00 (admission closed at 15:30)
Access Map
Library Closed
Sundays , Mondays and National holidays
(Sunday and Tuesday if Monday falls on a holiday),
New Year's holidays and other unscheduled days
Museum Calendar
* A library card will be issued free of charge to those who plan to visit the library frequently or use copy services on a regular basis. To have a library card issued, please fill out the necessary form at the reception. No identification is required.
* Materials in possession of the library can be searched from the PC located within the library and the website. Please see "How to Search" for details.
How to Search
* Materials in the library are available for viewing freely. If you need access to materials in the closed-access library, please fill out the necessary form at the reception.
* It may take some time (a few days in certain cases) before materials in the closed-access library are delivered upon request. Make a reservation to ensure delivery on or before your planned visit to the library.
* Please ask the reception about the use of AdDAS, a digital archive of advertisements in ADMT's collection.
* Materials in the library are not available for lending.
Copy service
* Available for the library materials only.
* Duplication is limited by Article 31 of the Copyright Law to personal use or study purposes. The number of duplicates is limited to one per person without exceeding one half of the total pages.
* Please fill out "Copy Application Form" and take the completed form to the reception along with the original material and your library card.
* Copy service is closed 15 minutes before the library closing time.
* Have the material checked at the reception. Copying is to be done by the applicant.
* Copy size is limited to B5, B4, A4 or A3 (¥10 for B/W, ¥50 for color copy).
Important Reminders
* Clipping or taking materials outside of the library is strictly prohibited.
* Refrain from eating, drinking, smoking, using cellular phones or other acts that are disturbing to other visitors.
* Take all your belongings with you to the reading table.
* Keep all valuables with you. The library assumes no responsibilities for their loss.
* Please inquire the reception if you need more information about the use of the library.
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