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Fresh Discoveries Await

Advertising in all its many forms often expresses
the universally funny, endearing side of human nature,
and offers an emotionally moving treasury of ideas.

Laughter and tears; astonishment and empathy.
The things which touch us emotionally
are connected at their roots, transcending time.

We hope that through this wealth of advertising,
the work of many people,
you may encounter new ideas and fresh discoveries.

Advertising – It really is fun!

Welcome to the Ad Museum Tokyo.

About the Museum

The Ad Museum Tokyo

The Ad Museum Tokyo is the only museum in Japan dedicated to the promotion of studies in, and popular understanding of, advertising and marketing.
The Museum was opened by the Yoshida Hideo Memorial Foundation in December 2002 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the birth of Yoshida Hideo, the fourth President of Dentsu Inc. The museum is dedicated to the collection, preservation and display of advertising and marketing related publications, advertising works and documents, as it contributes to academic research in order to deepen the general public’s understanding of the social and cultural value of advertising. The museum features a library and an exhibition space where there is a permanent exhibit introducing the history of advertising in Japan from the Edo period to the present. In addition, visitors can enjoy an audiovisual booth and collection table for browsing pieces, as well as timely special exhibitions.


  • Name of Facility The Ad Museum Tokyo
  • Opened on December 1, 2002
  • Location Caretta Shiodome, Higashi-Shimbashi 1-8-2, Minato-ku, Tokyo
  • Governing body Yoshida Hideo Memorial Foundation
  • Total floor area 1078.3㎡

About Yoshida Hideo Memorial Foundation

The Yoshida Hideo Memorial Foundation, founded by Dentsu in 1965, is a nonprofit organization, authorized by the Education Ministry of Japan (today's Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology).
Its mission is to fulfill the vision of Yoshida Hideo, fourth president of the company, who passed away in 1963.
The Foundation states its purpose as “promoting marketing, especially advertising, encouraging related studies and research, and advancing theoretical and technical aspects of marketing, thereby making a contribution to the Japan’s economical, industrial and cultural advancement.”
The Foundation's activities include establishing grants for researchers in marketing and advertising fields, commissioning research to domestic and overseas academic groups, and managing The Ad Museum Tokyo.



Yoshida Hideo was born in Kokura City, Fukuoka Prefecture. He experienced a tough childhood, including being put up for adoption twice due to dire family circumstances. In 1928 he graduated from Tokyo Imperial University and started working at Japan Telegraphic Communication Co., Ltd. (Dentsu Inc.). His outstanding performance in the sales division helped seal his appointment as the fourth Dentsu president in 1947 at the young age of 43.
During his tenure as president, he did not concentrate solely on management but also worked tirelessly to develop the broader field of advertising by rationalizing and modernizing the advertising business, promoting private broadcasting, and establishing and developing advertising related associations. In the late 1950s, he was swift to introduce marketing philosophy based on advertising agency practice in the United States and Europe, suggesting a new advertising business model that has become the bedrock of today’s advertising industry.
Yoshida Hideo fell ill in the summer of 1962 and died in January 1963 at the age of 59 during his tenure as president.
The Yoshida Hideo Memorial Foundation was established in 1965 as a public interest incorporated foundation. A testament to a great man’s exceptional achievements, his dying wish and his passion.

The life of Yoshida Hideo