The library of The Ad Museum Tokyo is the only specialized library in Japan focused on advertising communication.
Its history traces back to 1966, when it was founded as the Advertising Library of Yoshida Hideo Memorial Hall. It houses approximately 30,000 materials, mainly comprising advertising-related Japanese and foreign books, magazines, and award-winning advertising works. Materials in the library are not available for lending, but they may be viewed freely by anyone.

Library Search

Guide to Using the Library

  • The materials in the library are freely available for anyone to view.
  • Materials are not lent outside the library.
  • For those wishing to use photocopy services, a user card will be issued. Please enter the required information on the designated form. There is no charge to issue the card.
  • Personal identification is not required.
  • Materials in the closed stacks must be requested to be viewed. Retrieving the materials may take some time (up to a few days, depending on where the materials are stored). If you contact us in advance, we can have the materials ready for you on the day of your visit.
  • If you have any questions about how to use the library or the holdings status of materials, please speak with a staff member. View the facility map


Advertising materials search database (Digihub)
  • Digihub is a database of advertising materials available at The Ad Museum Tokyo. You can use the terminals available in the library to view the archive of over 200,000 advertising items, such as nishiki-e (colored woodblock prints), hikifuda (flyers), posters, newspaper and magazine advertisements, TV and radio commercials and other materials.
  • Due to copyright restrictions, Digihub is available for viewing only. Photography, printing or dubbing is not permitted.
  • Please feel free to consult our staff if you have any questions about the materials, need information on advertising or wish to check the availability of materials. You may contact us by telephone also.
  • Please refrain from using fax, e-mail or SNS for such consultation.
“Yellow Pages”
  • This page provides useful information for research, such as pointers on how to search, reference materials, and information on websites that can be used.“Yellow Pages” List

About Photocopy Services

  • Photocopying is limited to library materials only.
  • In accordance with Article 31 of the Copyright Act, photocopying is restricted to personal and research use only, and is limited to one copy of each page per person and no more than half of the entire work.
  • Photocopy services are available until 30 minutes before the library closes.
  • Please fill out the "Photocopy Request Form" with the required information and bring it and your user card to the service desk.
  • Once the service desk has confirmed the content, you will be able to make photocopies using the machine in the library.
  • Photocopying is available in B5, B4, A4, and A3 sizes for 10 yen per page in black and white and 50 yen per page in color.
  • 2,000-yen, 5,000-yen, and 10,000-yen bills cannot be used to pay for copies.


  • Please refrain from using the library for purposes other than viewing the materials, such as preparing for examinations.
  • Clipping or unauthorized removal of materials from the library is strictly prohibited.
  • Please refrain from eating, drinking, smoking, using cellular phones or other acts that are disturbing to other visitors in the library. If you wish to smoke, please use the designated area outside the building.
  • There are no lockers in this library. Please take all your belongings, such as your bag or coat, with you to the reading table. Please manage your belongings yourself.
  • Make sure to keep all valuables with you. The library assumes no responsibilities for their loss.
  • We request you to follow the instructions of the staff in case of disaster or other emergencies.